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In less than two years using [The Emmerich Group’s] approach, we not only met every goal in all our branches, but we exceeded many of our goals by 100 percent! I can’t imagine any CEO who wouldn’t want this for their organization.”

—C. Hoffman

CEO, Richwood Bank
2015 Extraordinary Bank of the Year­­™
Award Winner

The Only Collection of First-Person Stories
with the Power to Transform Your Bank’s Future

What if there was a book that told you, in the words of these banks’ CEOs, how they achieved:

A 2.0 ROA and NIM over 5

Cross-sales of 7.5+ per new account in one year

Net income increase of 27.6% in as little as one year

Non-interest income growth of 65% in one year

Efficiency ratio lowered from 66% to 56% in one year

Sure, every bank executive WANTS
those numbers...

But the real question is:


[Working with The Emmerich Group] just made us a believer that there were more great things to come, and there were… Knowing that we did not have to give up on safety and soundness and profitability to be successful.

—P. Steele,

President & CEO, Builtwell Bank
2014 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™ Award Winner

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Not only did we help these banks achieve these outcomes, but we also wrote
the book on how to get there. This book reveals a specific set of strategies you
can selectively deploy with your troops. You’ll hear from top-performing
bank CEOs in their own words
regarding the exact processes they used to
take them to these levels.

We believe so strongly in the capacity of these first-person stories to
transform the future for your bank that we’ll send you Volumes 1 and 2 as our
gift…no cost to you.

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