A One-Time Conference EXCLUSIVELY FOR CEOs, SENIOR EXECUTIVES, AND BOARD MEMBERS of Community Banks to Discover What’s Working Right Now to LAND LARGE, LOW-COST CORE DEPOSITS

Come to Sunny and Warm Orlando February 6-7, 2020

I can’t think of a better excuse to leave the cold and come to Florida!


How to Survive the Upcoming
Google Attack on Your Deposits

We landed $14 million in new deposits in just 60 days!

The problem with deposits is not what you think...

And now, Google just announced they will aggressively steal away your consumer checking accounts.

#1. Advertising Your Rates is a Formula for Disaster

#2. Offering Incentives to the Lenders

#3. Thinking Branch Managers Can Gather These Deposits

The real problem is that in most banks, nobody has the necessary skills to get large low-cost deposits— substantial business acumen, understanding of investment tools, balance sheet analysis, and of course, the ability to sell a Level 4 Unique Selling Proposition that motivates the prospect to leave a bank they love without thinking about rate. And if you don't figure that out, your future is not bright.


Step 1: Go Where the Money Is

Since 87 percent of a bank's customers typically are unprofitable, it sure seems a bad idea to spend money to get more of them. Incidentally, don't blame your marketing department—it's not their fault. They're just following what they've been taught by well-meaning people who don't understand proven ROI marketing.

Every other conference gives you theory and sales pitches...Here you get the missing to win large, low-cost core deposit accounts

We finally found the missing ingredient with Roxanne Emmerich's system

Step 2: Prepare to Win Big Accounts

26 of our 29 banks are above core deposit targets

Step 3: Bring Extraordinary Value

If you don't bring 10 times more value than the extreme additional premium pricing you demand, you won't deserve, and therefore attract, high-value, low-cost deposits.

You've Heard the Dreaded "R" Word in the News for Months Now

The 2020 Deposit Mastery Summit Gives You the Blueprint for Landing Large, Low-Cost Deposits


Increased core deposits 31.1% per year on average

What this Conference is NOT:


Exceeded our goals by 100 percent!

Here's What You'll Get When You Register for the Deposit Mastery Summit


Increased ROA from 1.78 to 2.66


The Only conference Designed To Show You How to Increase Low-Cost Core Deposits and Become a Top-Performing Bank


We're already doing well. What can we gain by attending?

We’re too busy…

I can’t go, but I’d like to send my people. Can I do that?

What if the conference doesn’t meet our expectations?


Due to overwhelming early registrations,
The Deposit Mastery Summit WILL sell out.




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