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The ONLY Conference for Top-Performing Banks—and Those That Aspire to Join Them

Exclusive guidance and insight on getting to top 5% performance and staying there…from the bankers who’ve done it!

The content covered at the Super Conference is 10-20 years ahead of what we hear at other bank conferences–we stopped going to most of those.

This program is at the core of the strategies that helped us achieve a 2.0 ROA. We would NEVER miss this conference.

-Patti Steele
CEO, First Volunteer Bank

Roxanne showed us how to double our growth. We hit our loan growth goal for the year by the end of June... in our first year, with Roxanne Emmerich's help! We've had employees in banking for 20 to 30 years who say they wish they'd started this program 20 years ago.

-Chris Floyd
President & CEO,
First NationalBank of Syracuse Named one of the Top 100 banks under $1 Billion each of the last 2 years, ranking as high as #2 overall

Join the Best-Run Banks in America at the 8th Annual Super Conference

Where Ambitious and Elite Result-Oriented Bankers Gather to Share the Power Secrets of the New Game of Banking

What Do You Do When the Top Futurists/Consultants Predict a Rapid Deterioration of Profits for Traditional Banks?

McKinsey & Company estimates that legacy financial brands will experience a decline in profits of 20 to 60 percent by 2025. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has an even more dismal prediction, forecasting that by 2030, less than 10 years from now, the market economy may not include traditional banks at all!

Do you want to be immersed in the impending carnage within the banking industry or do you want to use it to your advantage? Through crisis comes opportunity. The banks that will survive are the ones whose executives change with the times and understand that standing still is the same as falling behind. What worked in the past does not work anymore.

Your only path forward begins at the Super Conference. It’s a can’t-miss event for CEOs and executives who want to align their teams, stop relying upon what worked years ago, and get results right now. It’s where ambitious, elite, results-oriented bankers and influential keynote speakers gather to share powerful secrets of the new world of banking.

You need clarity, solid, proven advice, real answers, and warm weatherthe Super Conference is where to find them

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Us for the Best Banks in America™ Super Conference:

  • Proven, Ready-to-Use, Specific, Revenue-Boosting Strategies, Directly From the People Who Used Them. No other conference or event in the banking industry delivers this: tested, proven immediately-applicable strategies, examples, tools and templates for quick and sustainable results in attracting more clients and closing more sales.
  • A Full-Day Deep Dive on Loan Growth (The #1 Priority for Most Banks). Day 2 is devoted to sharing real-world experience and advice on tackling this urgent concern. Expert panels will equip you with what the best of the best know—and are doing—to achieve predictable, safe, loan growth of the most desirable credits at premium pricing.
  • To Hang Out with Winners—Not Whiners. There is a uniquely positive energy and a willingness to share at Super Conference. You’ll be impressed not only with the incredible success, growth, and results these banks are achieving, but also their generosity and willingness to share their strategies with you. You need to be here with us, learning and soaking up the energy. One CEO said, “I thought I was a really big deal in my state, but when I came to Super Conference, I realized how much I have to learn. It was humbling and exciting.”
  • An Amazing Lineup of Speakers and Experts. Every year without fail, our attendees say two things: first, they are over-the-top impressed with the caliber of speakers we bring in for this event; and second, the takeaways from the speakers are ones that directly and rapidly impact their business.
  • The Contest for the Car—and the Unbelievable Revenue-Generating Ideas You’ll Get from Hearing from the Top Three Banks. Every year, the Institute holds a contest to determine The Best Banks in America™. Hundreds of banks have received the Banky™ Award—a differentiator like the GRAMMYs® and Tony Awards® —that prospects (and your competitors’ top customers) are willing to switch and pay more for. And each year, one is chosen as The Best Bank in America™ and receives…a new car! That Best Bank in America™ will also have a donation of $25,000 made in their name to build a school in Africa through The Unstoppable Foundation.
  • The Battery-Charging Experience. It’s difficult—if not impossible—to leave this event without feeling a fresh new excitement about your bank and confidence in yourself to hit your biggest goals.
  • The Tangible Return on Your Investment GUARANTEED. If you don’t feel absolutely certain that the content, speakers, and takeaways were worth FAR MORE than the time and money invested to attend and if you don’t believe that you can use them to generate a massive return on your investment, we’ll refund every penny you paid PLUS up to $500 in documented travel fees. Who else makes that kind of guarantee on a conference?

If you’re going to attend ONE conference this year, it has to be The Best Banks In America™ Super Conference

Date and location coming soon

Why Are Bank Execs and Board Members
Raving About The Best Banks in America™
Super Conference?

(Profit Growth is Just One of the Reasons)

I want you to consider for a moment what’s possible for you. At this point in history, there’s both real danger and enormous opportunity.

Super Conference is an enormous opportunity to…

  • Catalyze a community of raving fans who eagerly want to share your brand(we’ll show you how)

  • Scale faster by engaging your team in a BIGGER, BETTER VISION of the impact you can create for your community…

  • Attract and keep results-oriented “A-player” customers who can drive you to new levels of achievement…

  • Create real and sustainable competitive advantage (far beyond and better than “We have great customer service”) that attracts the elite customers in your market… all willing to pay you much more for that advantage…

  • Own a sustainable system—fully installed in your bank—to launch you into the top 10% of your peers in every metric that matters to you: ROA, NIM, Loan Growth, Deposit Growth, Loan Quality, Efficiency Ratio, Culture Score…

What This
Conference is NOT...


It is NOT about boring, dry vendor pitches. Only highly successful bankers handpicked to show you how to be more effective and successful because they’ve actually achieved these results for their own banks.


It is NOT just about “positive thinking” and motivation. It’s about ANSWERS, clarity, and solid, proven advice—which is exactly what you will get when you attend.

Through the first quarter our core deposits are up by $7 million... 58% of our annual goal… in the first quarter!
We set our goal to grow our core deposits by $1 million a month, $12 million for the year, and through the first quarter of 2015 we are up $7 million. We believe what we are doing is making a difference!

-Sid Jones
President & CEO,
Home State Bank,2016 Extraordinary Bank of the Year™


It is NOT a place to “send your people.” This is the place for you—the CEO, with your key leaders and board members—to come to find out what the country’s most ambitious and entrepreneurial banks know and do differently.

It IS about providing you with the ONLY opportunity to see, in great depth, exactly how your peers are breaking through their current challenges, profit hurdles, and staff limitations to achieve unprecedented new levels of growth and income.

[When I attended my first Super Conference] I thought: ‘How in the world are these banks doing this?’ That was an amazing couple of days for Steve (our CFO) and myself as we sat and watched banks give high fives for accomplishments. These are things that we bankers don’t do, right? We’re all very prim and proper. Seeing that kind of enthusiasm come across in a group of bankers was amazing.” .

-D. John
CEO, Minnesota National Bank

There’s nothing better than [Super Conference] to get an executive team on the same page to drive a plan to utopia.”

-E. Dorian
President, Main Street Bank

[The] Best Banks in America™ Super Conference truly exceeded my expectations! [Roxanne] was excellent! She was engaging, interesting, thought-provoking and genuine. She has an ability to reach the audience through a combination of real-life experiences intertwined with strategies that can transform a bank’s performance to get extraordinary results. She provided the audience with actionable steps to perform at a higher level, both personally and professionally.”

-S. Stem
Vice President, 1st Service Bank


Not even close.

There. Are. Absolutely. No. Pitches. Period.

Just you and a few hundred of the most elite bank executives in the country.

Nobody’s born an “elite banker.” And no bank starts as a top performer. If you have the sincere, burning desire to get there, no matter where you are right now, this is the place you need to be, and these are the people you need to be around. They are doing what you aspire to do. Honestly, while this is an elite group, it’s also a modest group. You’ll find very successful leaders who welcome the opportunity to share what they’ve learned, what’s working, and how they can help you. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet them.
Every one of the top 100 banks in America shares two common traits: paranoia and humility. They’re always a little paranoid that someone’s going to come along and eat their lunch. That’s what keeps them sharp. And they’re humble… they know they too need to keep growing, and they’re always looking to gain the next slight edge that will keep them in the driver’s seat in their markets. If you’re really at the top of your game, you already know this, and I suspect you’ll be at the Super Conference eager to pick up that “one thing” that will transform your future possibilities.

That’s exactly the problem. Our research shows that banks with $7 to $9 million in assets per employee never say they are “too busy.” They are calm and orderly, with everyone aligned with their predictable success system.

However, the opposite is true with banks with $2 to $4 million in assets per employee: almost their entire team is overwhelmed. There’s a fire to put out every hour.

So it’s your choice… do you want to be a firefighter or an elite banker?

So the question isn’t if you can afford to spend the time. The question is: Can you afford not to? 

Honestly, we strongly recommend that you don’t. Unless your top people are ready to commit to transformation—to becoming an even better elite community bank—you shouldn’t register. While you need your people to attend, they need you—the CEO, the leader—with them to help them place everything they gain here into the context of your vision.

Change your schedule. You won’t regret it.

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