Why the Institute for Extraordinary Banking™ Started….

There was a time during the “great recession” when bankers couldn’t walk through the hallway at a banking conference without being harassed by others in the hotel.

Around that time, the Gallup Organization singled-out “banker” as the least respected profession in the country.

The very people who were always salt of the earth, supporters of their communities (and the people within) were being lumped in with a few greedy and unscrupulous bankers.

I was distraught—and then angry. I grew up in this industry. All of our clients were in this industry—I knew the character of the individuals. And I knew the story that was being told in the media didn’t reflect the heroic bankers I knew…

The ones who, while being vilified in the media, were working day and night to keep the struggling economy going. It was not an easy time to be a banker. And I decided that somebody needed to do something.

But there was a problem… last time I checked, there’s nobody named “somebody.”

I called my always-supportive husband that night before going home and said, “You know how we are always touched by the same parts of movies where the ‘ordinary’ person is called to do something ‘extraordinary’—just because they are right in the middle so it makes that person the only choice.”

They are chosen by the circumstances.

I explained that SOMEBODY needs to do something and there is no “somebody” in a better position to do this. “We need to do this. We’re going to fund this ourselves… but this just plain needs to be done.”

“Sounds like we’re doing this,” were those supportive words that were the beginning of the “Banky™.

So, I had a plan….

The way I would change people’s opinions was simple—I would find and shine a bright light on the good work that people like YOU do every day.

You are the backbone of our economy.
You are the backbone of our communities.
You support small businesses.
You support schools.
You support charities.

Your local communities simply wouldn’t work without you.

And so, I decided to create the The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™ and The Extraordinary Banking™ Awards to celebrate and spotlight all the good you do.

Through the Institute, we recognize the Best Banks in America™ through the Banky™ award.

Like the Grammys, the Emmys and the Tonys, consumers are used to making their buying choices by having the field narrowed.

The Banky™’s go to the Best Banks in America™—those who are philanthropic, have extraordinary customer service, a great culture, are innovative and progressive, and help others manage their money by developing the financial literacy in their markets.

About Founder and Chair, Roxanne Emmerich

Isn’t it time YOU were recognized as one of The Best Banks in America™?



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