Introducing the Trusted Advisor
Certification™ Program ALL-NEW!

The Universal Banker model has gone the way of the flip phone, but customer loyalty has never been more critical. Now what?

The only certification custom-built to transform your people’s knowledge, skills, and ability to bring massive value across the customer lifecycle.

How will you keep your best customers loyal to you (heck, how will you keep them, period) when desperate competitors are coming after them like never before? Not by relying on a method that’s as antiquated as a late-’90s flip phone…and just about as useful.

The answer to the question of “Now what?” is this: The Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program offered by the Institute for Extraordinary Banking™. Its single focus: how to keep your best customers for life by bringing massive value.

After completing the three levels of the program and earning Trusted Advisor™ certification, bankers will possess the tools, wisdom, and confidence needed to help customers create better outcomes, ease their financial fears, and pursue their dreams.

“The Trusted Advisor program has been an absolute game changer due to the value we are providing for our customers! We’ve moved on from being order takers to having meaningful conversations that solve problems and raise the bar on guidance. Not only has it been awesome for deepening customer relationships, it has given our front line staff a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work, inspiring them to another level of professional development. Win-win all around!

—E. Dorian, President & COO, Main Street Bank

Upon certification, bankers will be able to:

The Trusted Advisor Certification™ Program is offered by the Institute for Extraordinary Banking™, founder of the Accredited Banking Professional™ Certification—the most desired career advancement opportunity in banking today.
A quick and free Trusted Advisor Gap Analysis is being offered for a short time. It only takes a few minutes to discover where your organization needs to develop to keep your best customers…now and into the future.

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