The Council™ CEO Roundtable

You Simply Can’t Get Intel, Insights, and Ideas at This Level Anywhere Else

2022 | Ritz Carlton Beach House | Naples, Florida

"I stopped going to most bank CEO conferences—they're talking about things you taught us almost 20 years ago as if they are new ideas."

—P. Steele, CEO, First Volunteer Bank, Extraordinary Banking Hall of Fame Inductee

CEOs must surround themselves with people who ask tough, thought-provoking questions because the nature of the job requires it. Climbing the ranks, you didn’t get to where you are by thinking you know everything. You got there—and you stay there—by constantly challenging yourself.

The Council™ gathers the most results-oriented, revered and elite community bank CEOs around what’s working right now and what’s coming. This is the Board of Directors you always wished you had.

Members of The Council™,—the group of elite bank CEOs led by Roxanne Emmerich—are meeting weekly (in addition to twice per year for deep-dive sessions) to share timely intel, profound insights, and transformative ideas for pulling ahead through challenging circumstances.

For 2022, we’re excited to be back live in-person, hosting The Council™ at the Ritz-Carlton Beach House in Naples, Florida. Named the #1 Healthiest-Happiest City in the United States, Naples, was also crowned Best Beach City in America by WalletHub in 2021.

Members of the Roundtable are, quite frankly, high-jumping way ahead of their competitors. Their individual and collective innovation and wisdom about what really works now in 2022 is creating enviable results and breakthroughs beyond what the rest can even begin to understand.

As CEO, you need this brain trust for yourself as much as for your bank. And we just might need you too: your unique perspective, your specific expertise, and your camaraderie.

What if you could have some of the highest-performing bank CEOs serving as your informal board of directors?

What will it cost you and your bank to not have access to this respected brain trust of the top community bank CEOs in the country? Specifically, what will it cost your sales team and your results? Will another year go by without achieving the bigger strides you know your bank is capable of while competitors advance?


2022 | Naples, Florida

Last year, due to COVID restrictions, the members voted to keep this event virtual. We’re back live in Florida for 2022 and are excited to see you in-person.

"This is my Board of Advisors. My board doesn't push me enough, challenge my ideas enough I need to be around the real industry transformers. That's why I come."

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