Every banker knows the pains that can come from your team members having to hunt for more business. Some say it’s a necessary evil. While there is a time and place for calling up competitors’ clientele and closing them at a 90% rate like we do, the BEST type of sales is to create an environment where customers come TO you without having to hunt them down. It’s the very definition of working smarter not harder.

Like fish jumping into your net from far away, these customers seek YOU out and jump in without hesitation. “Wouldn’t that be nice” some bankers say as if it’s pure fantasy; something only seen in a “Harry Potter” movie made for bankers…

However, those that have applied for nomination and then won a Banky™ Award know that it’s not a fantasy at all. The Banky tells your clients in one word you’re the best in your market. And people are drawn to associate themselves with the best.

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Note: This is a downloadable, fillable application. You may print it off and fill out the hard copy (please only type or print) or you may fill it out online. Be aware that while this form is fillable online, it cannot be submitted online. You will need to save a copy to your system before you close the application. If you do not save a copy, you may need to restart your application. Regardless of the method you use to fill out the form, your application will not be complete until you email it along with the required elements in section 3 (photo) and section 5 (essay) to Thank you.

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